Business Plan

Detta är uppgifter som generellt efterfrågas och de ska signeras för att intyga att uppgifterna stämmer.
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You write your company name


Please fully describe the intended activities, including products and services being sold/provided.

  1. Provide name and line of business
    of the investee company.
  2. Describe what assets it will acquire
    and hold.
  1. If you have an existing company please advise year the business began actual operations and number of employees.
  2. Website (if any)
  3. Market & Sector targeted
  1. Indicate how did you earn or obtain this money and explain how personal funds have been accumulated.
  2. Will first initial funds be coming from personal account or individual or company or client payment.
  3. Please specify clearly
  1. Provide expected ORIGIN of funds to be credited and the list of countries and banks from which your revenue will originate
  2. Name of main Clients and their Locations
  1. Provide expected destination of payments and the list of countries and banks to which you will remit payments.
  2. Name of main Suppliers and their Locations
  1. Expected Annual Turnover US$
  2. Expected Annual Expenditure US$
  3. Size Transactions/per month:
    Incoming: US$
    Outgoing: US$
  1. Incoming Monthly:
    Outgoing Monthly:
    Yearly Incoming:
    Yearly Outgoing:
  2. Advise when the account will be fully transactional.
  3. Goals & Objective
  1. Indicate past and current employment and related experience.
  2. Indicate qualification of UBO.

Hereby, I / We declare and confirm that the above mentioned company of which I/We am/are the Ultimate Beneficial Owners, will not be utilized in any of the following activities:

  1. Money Laundering
  2. Receiving the proceeds of drug trafficking.
  3. Receiving the proceeds of criminal activities. Terrorist activities.
  4. Promotion of Adult content websites and related industry.
  5. Trading of weapons and military arms.
  6. Entering into any other illegal activities.